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Routine dental care doesn't stop after a comprehensive dental cleaning.  As a pet owner, you play a very important role in maintaining your pet's dental health through routine home care.  Daily brushing of your pet's teeth, routine oral examinations and comprehensive dental cleanings are the best treatments for reducing periodontal disease.  If your pet will not allow brushing of their teeth don't be discouraged as we have other dental products that your pet can benefit from. 

Oral exams should be performed annually in adult pets and bi-annually in seniors.  Catching oral disease early can prevent more costly and irreversible problems later.  To schedule your pet for a full physical and oral exam please give us a call at (763) 560-6906 .

For more information on dental home care for your pet, explore the following websites:

The Dental Care Series by Veterinary Partner.com and Dr. Jan Bellows—Please take time to visit this site and read the series of comprehensive articles aimed at helping pet owner's better understand their pets’ oral health.

C.E.T Oral Hygeine Rinse for Cats and Dogs

C.E.T Oral Enyzmatic Hygeine Chews

C.E.T Aquadent Rinse & Water Additive

Maxiguard Oral Cleansing Gel 

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